How Collagen is Used During Post-Workout Recovery

Collagen alongside Vitamin C can play a vital role in skin, cartilage and cell health. But do you know how collagen can be used during your post-workout recovery? 

Why You Should Take Collagen After a Workout 

Collagen is a protein that features three essential amino acids (glycine, proline and hydroxyproline) that work to protect your muscles and tissues. When you work out, your muscles can be broken down and damaged. However, collagen supplements can help increase the levels of these amino acids that are part of normal muscle structure. 

How to use Collagen Supplements during Post-Workout Recovery 

1. Helps to Support Joint Health 

As we grow older, the cartilage that cushions our bones can start to deteriorate. This can be a major concern to athletes as cartilage damage can potentially affect performance. Introducing collagen supplements into your routine can help boost the level of collagen in the body. 

2. During Recovery 

Collagen supplements can also be great after a workout. So, if you’ve just tackled a strenuous workout, add a scoop of our PRO Advanced Collagen Powder to 200ml of water post-workout. This formula contains copper which contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissues.   

How to Add Collagen into Your Post-Workout Routine 

After your training session, make a post-workout smoothie or protein shake using a scoop of our PRO Advanced Collagen Powder.    

However, if you’re looking for a way to get collagen into your body quicker with little to no prep time, we recommend adding one of our PRO Advanced Collagen Liquid Shots to your gym bag.  

Available in a delicious cherry flavour, this 50ml shot features 10,000mg of collagen and allows you to easily incorporate collagen in your post-workout routine. 

Can You Mix Collagen Into a Protein Shake? 

Yes, you can easily add a scoop of collagen powder into your protein shake.  Especially after a difficult workout, the different protein sources can help contribute to your body’s recovery. 


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