What Does Informed Sport Mean for Me?

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When you’re looking for a new sports nutrition supplement, product quality and safety are paramount.   

TRR Nutrition collagen protein supplements are Informed Sport certified, so you don’t have to compromise. But what exactly does this mean and how might it impact your sporting performance? 

What Does it Mean to be Informed Sport Certified? 

The Informed Sport certification is a programme backed by the LGC (Laboratory of the Government Chemist), renowned sports doping control professionals who ensure the safety and quality of sports nutrition products.   

When it comes to certifying sports supplements, they have to undergo a four-step process. These four steps include: 

  1. Sport product and manufacturing review 
  2. Pre-certification sample testing 
  3. Product supplement certification, logo use and web listing  
  4. Post-certification requirements and testing 

This includes thoroughly batch testing and screening these supplements for the 250 banned substances in sport  including stimulants, narcotics and diuretics.  

After the four-step process is complete, your sports supplements become officially certified, which shows that the product has been manufactured to an extremely high standard without any harmful or non-regulated ingredients. 

What are The Banned Substances in Sport? 

Using banned substances in sport can not only be unfair, but it can also undermine team spirit. Opting for Informed Sport certified supplements guarantees that none of the supplements contain any banned substances. To ensure you’re staying within the sport guidelines, here are a few of the banned substances to look out for in non-certified sports supplements:  

  • Stimulants 
  • Marijuana 
  • Narcotics  
  • Glucocorticoids 
  • Steroids 
  • Beta-blockers 

Why Does Informed Sport Certification Matter? 

The Informed Sport certification allows you to immediately identify whether products are free from banned substances that could be detrimental to your performance or even lead to disqualification. 

By introducing Informed Sport supplements to your routine, you can spend less time worrying about whether you’re digesting the right nutrition and more on achieving your personal best.    

What’s more, to ensure all supplements maintain their exact formula after certification has been granted, Informed Sport conduct random, additional, independent blind tests.   

How Do I Know If my Supplement is Informed Sport Certified?  

Keep an eye out for the Informed Sport logo to recognise whether a sports supplement has been certified under the scheme; this can be found on the product’s packaging. You can also check the list of certified brands found on the Informed Sport website.   

All of our TRR Nutrition products are third party-certified, giving you the reassurance that our collagen protein supplements have been produced in line with the strictest standards. 

How Can Informed Sport Certification Benefit You?  

Alongside providing you with reassurance that TRR Nutrition products have undergone strict testing to comply with the LGC regulations, here are a few other benefits that Informed Sport certification brings:   

  • Peace of mind that all TRR Nutrition products will provide you with clean, safe and efficacious ingredients. 
  • The knowledge that you’re using trusted collagen supplements that don’t include any banned substances. 
  • Prevention of inadvertent doping that could lead to disqualification from sporting events.   


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