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Supplements designed for athletes, by experts.

Athletes push themselves harder than most people, which is why supplements designed for the general public don’t necessarily provide what an athlete needs. We believe in designing products in conjunction with professional sports nutritionists and sports health specialists for high-performance athletes who push their bodies to the limit.

No thickeners, artificial flavours or corner-cutting ingredients

TRR are designed by sports medicine and nutrition specialists, as well as world-class athletes, to meet the specific needs of those athletes. TRR supplements do not contain any added fillers and ingredients are traceable to source.

TRR develops supplements that sports nutritionists not only approve of, but supplements that they have helped to design. Our ingredients are selected based on what leading world-class athletes, such as tennis star Andy Murray, regularly use on the advice of their nutritionists. Our PRO range is tested by Informed-Sport.

No Additives

No Fuss

No Fillers

No Fillers

No Fluff

No Fluff

Andy Murray, his nutritionist, and one of the UK’s foremost sports doctors come together to form Team TRR

Glenn Kearney, a leading sports nutritionist, approached us and asked us to develop a pro-athlete liquid collagen supplement with a combination of active nutrients specifically formulated for his client, Andy Murray.

Andy was on a journey to get back to the highest level of fitness and was training incredibly hard and pushing his body. Glenn asked us to develop a pro-athlete liquid collagen supplement with a combination of active nutrients specifically formulated for Andy to help to support his joints, bone health and immune system.

We were joined in our mission by Dr. Eva Carneiro, the UK’s leading sports doctor. Known for her “athlete first” philosophy, Dr. Carneiro is passionate about ensuring her athletes are following the latest in sports science and best practices.

Over the course of almost a year, we worked closely together to produce the first product, Advanced Collagen. This is the recommended collagen supplement for athletes by both Dr Eva Carneiro and Glenn Kearney.

TRR Nutrition are supplements designed for athletes, by experts.



Our PRO range of sports supplements are purpose-built formulations of high-quality ingredients to support   high intensity training and performance. Designed by world-renowned professionals in sports medicine and nutrition to meet the requirements of professional athletes. All PRO products are tested by Informed Sport

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High-quality, traceable ingredients to supplement your nutrition regime can be difficult to find. Our CORE products are single ingredient supplements for the discerning athlete who wants full traceability and quality assurance.

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A vegan diet is good for your body and good for our planet. Our VEGAN supplement line provides all of the nutrients you need to support your performance without any animal products or byproducts.

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