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At TRR Nutrition we create supplements for elite athletes. We leverage the expertise of a select team of world-class sports professionals, the best in the field. These experts believe, as strongly as we do, in the importance of the role nutrition plays for high-performance athletes. Team TRR consists of Andy Murray and Dr Eva Carneiro.

They work in partnership with us to help research, develop and formulate sports supplements for those that take sports as seriously as we take nutrition.



"I train and work hard which pushes my body to the limit. TRR was developed for me last year, in conjunction with a leading sports doctor and sports nutritionist and has been formulated for the elite sports person”

TRR Nutrition designed a high concentration collagen supplement with other key active ingredients to assist Andy on his incredible return to the highest level of competition and are proud to have played a role in his journey. It’s aimed at those who work and train hard, and like Andy, push their bodies to the limits in training and in competition.

Andy is a three-time Grand Slam tournament winner, two-time Olympic champion, Davis Cup champion, winner of the 2016 ATP World Tour Finals and former world No.1. Andy Murray is one of the all-time greats in the sport of tennis.

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Dr Eva Carneiro joined Team TRR as our resident Elite Sports Doctor. Dr Carneiro believes that high-performance athletes with their unique training schedules and physical demands require supplements that are designed specifically for their nutritional and performance needs. Dr Carneiro helped formulate a product line based on high quality, traceable ingredients for those serious about sport.

Dr Carneiro is a sports physician with over 15 years’ experience of elite sport. She worked at the Olympic Medical Institute in the build-up to Beijing Olympics, UK Athletics, England Athletics and England women’s football. During her four seasons with Chelsea FC, the team won the Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, FA Cup, and the League Cup. Dr Carneiro works in her own private practice, The Sports Medical Group, on London’s Harley Street.



“As a sports nutritionist, it is rewarding to be involved in designing products the way I believe they should be. TRR Nutrition only uses high-quality, traceable ingredients specially selected by myself and other sports professionals to provide supplements that high-performance athletes are asking for.”

Glenn Kearney is a leading sports nutritionist with years of experience working alongside top-ranked athletes, including three-time Grand Slam tournament winner and two-time Olympic gold medallist Andy Murray. Glenn became part of Team TRR when he approached us for assistance in developing supplements for Andy Murray.

From January 2003 until February 2008, Glenn worked as the lead nutritionist for the All Blacks, the New Zealand national rugby union team. Following his success with the All Blacks, Kearney moved on to become the Lead Nutritionist at both UK Athletics and the Lawn Tennis Association, where he was part of the 2015 World Champion Davis Cup team.