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What are sports supplements?

Sports supplements is a general term that applies to many different products such as protein shakes, bars, collagen supplements or any product that is related to improving sports performance or the health and wellbeing of an athlete.

Who uses sports supplements?

Sport supplements are recommended for serious athletes, such as runners, cyclists, triathletes, as well as elite athletes. Sports supplements should be added to a nutritional regime alongside a healthy diet and are developed for those athletes who are looking to improve their performance and to support their recovery period.

What sport supplement should I take?

This depends on what type of exercise you are doing and what results you are looking to gain from taking a sports supplement. The most common reasons for taking sports supplements is to improve performance by gaining/losing muscle mass, gaining/losing body fat, to protect the body from injury or for recovery. You should first decide what outcome you are looking to achieve then choose a supplement depending on that goal. Protein powders are often used to gain muscle mass and lose weight.