Are we still delivering?

Yes, in line with the UK Government recommendations, we are continuing to send parcels out to customers who purchase online. 


The latest guidance for ecommerce businesses from the Government states [ref]:

“Online retail is still open and encouraged and postal and delivery service will run as



We are, however, taking every precaution so that none of our staff are put in harm's way.


What is happening in our offices?

To ensure the safety of our staff, many of whom had to travel on public transport, we took the decision early on to introduce working from home.


As of this moment, all members of staff are working from home, and the office is closed. This measure was put in place on the 16th March 2020, and will remain in place until the Government advice says that offices and workplaces should be reopened.


What is happening in our warehouse?

To protect people and minimise potential disruption, our warehouse have introduced the following measures in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak:


Additional measures from 20 March 2020

  • Implemented social distancing within the fulfilment centre and at break times
  • Increased the frequency of cleaning further
  • Moved all meetings to a video call format
  • Ensured all non-operational team members are working from home
  • Provided additional flexibility for parents and carers
  • Liaised daily with employment agencies to monitor the available pool of temporary workers


Additional measures from 13 March 2020

  • Changed fulfilment centre shift patterns and break times, to reduce cross-contamination risks
  • Used disposable cups and cutlery in our canteens
  • Ensured any staff with symptoms self-isolate for 7 or 14 days, in line with the UK government’s latest advice


From 5 March 2020

  • Made anti-bacterial hand gel available in common places for staff and visitor usage
  • Swapped to a higher strength soap in all bathrooms
  • Put up signage to educate staff and visitors on the Coronavirus, and correct handwashing techniques
  • Included masks, thermometers and hand sanitisers in first aid kits
  • Introduced staff travel monitoring and policies, ensuring compliance with Public Health England advice
  • Monitored risks daily via Public Health England and GOV.UK
  • Increased the level of cleaning, to include more frequent cleans and surface disinfection
  • Made all of our suppliers aware of the above, and ensured they’re promoting good hygiene practices within their business
  • Discouraged face-to-face meetings with all clients, suppliers and other visitors
  • Asked anybody who visits us to disclose if they or their colleagues have travelled outside of the UK


What about the couriers?

We tend to use either Royal Mail or DPD as a courier, information from them is:


Royal Mail

“Royal Mail is actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. We have strong contingency plans in place to ensure our customers are looked after and mail is kept moving in the event of localised service disruption.”



“With Covid-19’s reach and development now worldwide, DPDgroup has a role to play, as strong players in the parcel delivery industry, in slowing down the progress of the novel Coronavirus. We have ensured that a number of precautionary steps are in place to protect both our people and the service we provide to our customers.”

How should I contact Nutraformis regarding orders or with questions? 


Although the team have moved to alternative working arrangements we are still able to provide the support and proactive service you are accustomed to. As such, we will still be contactable by the usual website support options, as well as answering emails and retrieving electronically stored information.